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Why Learn Japanese Language?

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

The Japanese Culture is Unique. It’s a combination of traditional and modern practices. The Cultural Traditions are ingrained in the people and these Traditions dictate the way they react, interact and behave. Understanding the Japanese Language will open your eyes to Japanese History, Martial Arts, Entertainment, Culture and Fashion.


Land a in-demand job and get Employed

Japan is known to be the one of the richest country and one of the largest growing economy in the world. Thus, they can provide Job opportunities to foreign nationals who wants to work in different categories such as Health care and Skilled works. Knowledge in Japanese Language and their Culture will serve as an edge to land a job as this will be the key for the aspiring applicants to Interact and Communicatee in order to fully emphasize themselves to the Employers.

Business Travel & Communication

Fluency in Japanese provides more opportunities for International understanding. It allows people to improve communication and gain deeper knowledge and higher understanding of Japan as a Nation and as a Culture. Learning Japanese will boost your Professional Value.



Speak With More People

Knowledge in Japanese Language is always an advantage. not only for Job opportunities but also building a harmonous relationship among other race like locals and other foreign nationals. though people are separated from different cultures and beliefs. but with the help of same language that you speak and understand, it binds people in the same umbrella. it can create Friendship, Cammaraderie and Unity.



Why Learn With Us?


We Educate our Students to Pass Japanese Language Examination such as JLPT , NAT test, J test Level 4 as well as Prometric exams JFT and JLT  Skill exam.


We Equipped our Students to Pass Job Interviews.


We are giving full assistance and Limitless Support for Possible Opportunities.


We Educate our Students not only what is Japanese Language but instead.,  WHAT IS JAPAN…

be one of them!

SAGE Asian Language and Education Center Bulacan Inc. is committed in providing Quality Education for our Students to be competitive combining their  Skills and Professional values, Good work Ethics and Moral Standards that  inculcated to be a wholistic human being.

We Train and Educate our Students in all aspects that will make their study fun and exciting. Creating  precious memories in every step of the way while learning towards Success. 

Technical Internship Training Program(TITP)

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Highly Skilled 

Successful SAGE Students

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