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かがく                         化学                        science

じんこう                     人口                        population

しょうじょう             症状                        symptoms, condition

せんたくもの             洗濯物                    clothes to washed, the washing

たいちょう                 体調                        physical condition

たいひ                         対比                        contrast, comparison

ギター                                                            guitar

プール                                                            pool

ユーモア                                                        humor

はこ                             箱                            box

ほかん                         保管                        safekeeping, storage, custody

むだ(な)     無駄                        uselessness, pointlessness

りようしゃ     利用者                    user, consumer

デザイン                                                        design

ビル                                                                building

あまい       甘い                        sweet

せまい       狭い                        narrow

ほそい       細い                        thin, slender, fine

こい                             濃い                        strong (taste), dark (color), thick (liquid)

みじかい      短い                        short

うすい       薄い                        thin, weak (taste), light (color)

あつい                         厚い                        thick

あつい                         暑い                        hot

かるい       軽い                        light

くさります     腐る                        to rot, to go bad

ためます      貯める                    to save (e.g. money)

ふえます      増える                    to increase

かわきます     乾く                        to get dry

つたえます     伝える                    to convey, to communicate, to tell

とけます      解ける                    to be solved, to be cleared

(e.g. misunderstanding)

そうさします    操作する                to search, to investigate

ねむります                 眠る                        to sleep

すべります     滑る                        to slide, to glide, to slip

わかれます     別れる                    to be part from, to separate, to be divided

ちょうせつします     調節する                to adjust

かなり                                                            fairly, considerably

なんとか                                                        somehow, anyhow

きちんと                                                        properly, neatly

ちゃんと                                                        properly, neatly

べつべつに                 別々に                    separately, individually

ほとんど                                                        almost



Japanese Onomatapoeic Expressions

きちんと - neat and tidy in appearance.

  • きちんとV (並ぶ、整う、着る など)

1. テブールをよく拭いて、食器はきちんと並べてください。

Please wipe the table well and arrange the dishes properly.


  • ぐうぐう- looks likesleeping very well. It means snoring.
  • ぐうぐうV (寝る、眠る)


1. 仕事から帰って来た父は、いつの間にかソファでぐうぐう寝ていた。

When my father came home from work, he was fast asleep on the sofa.


  • すやすや - Sleeping quietly and comfortably.
    It represents the sound of breathing while sleeping. It is often used for children and animals.
  • スヤスヤV (寝る、眠る)

1. 子供が遊び疲れて、スヤスヤ眠っている。

  The child is so tired from playing that he is sleeping peacefully.



  • ぐっすり- Very deep sleep
  • ぐっすりV (寝る、眠る)


1. さっきまで熱で苦しそうだったけど、薬も飲んで、


She seemed to be suffering from fever, but she took some medicine.
She sound asleep now



  • うとうと- not intend to sleep, but to sleep for a short time.
  • うとうとV (寝る、眠る)
  • うとうとする


1. 電車に揺られるうち、うとうと眠ってしまった。

I fell asleep while the train is on motion.



  • どんどん- the manner in which something proceeds vigorously. It is often used in a positive sense.
  • どんどんV (太る、やせる など)

1. 最近寒いからか、よく食べるのでどんどん太っていく。

Is it because it’s cold recently? I eat a lot and get fatter.



  • ざあざあ(ザーザー)- the sound of heavy rain. “ザーザー降り” is often used.
  • ざあざあV (降る)


1. 突然、雨がザーザー降ってきた。

Suddenly, it began to rain heavily.








1.  N1はN2ほど~ない [not as ~ as]

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